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One of the main aspects of health you are probably not aware of is how intricately connected your hearing is to the functioning of your body. Thanks to several studies and links establishing conditions in one part of the body affecting your hearing, we now know many adverse affects can be traced back to an unhealthy habit you may have. In this article, we’ll take the time to check out some of those unhealthy habits, all of which can have a negative impact upon your hearing.

Exposing Yourself to Loud Noises

There are several ways you can expose yourself to very loud noises on a daily basis. The first is by attending concerts, where each pulse of the speakers can induce temporary and long-term damage to your ears. However, it doesn’t have to be that grand. Other tasks are more mundane, such as blasting your video games or television when the game is on. These all represent a single negative habit which can have an adverse cumulative effect on your hearing.


One of the unhealthiest habits that can harm your hearing is smoking cigarettes and cigars. While you probably aren’t aware of the connection between smoking and hearing, it does indeed pose a significant threat. This is because over time, the chemicals in the cigarettes can damage the vibration sensors in the ears, making it more difficult to perceive small amounts of sound, with this unhealthy habit carrying with it impacts that are greater than simply losing weight.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

In many nations around the world, obesity is the new prevalent health danger. Living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to this, plus it also causes diabetes, which leads to poor circulation throughout the body. This component has been directly linked to higher risks of hearing loss. There are ways you can mitigate that heightened risk, through regular exercise and healthy food.

Using an MP3 Player

Whether you are on a train or sitting in a boring class, you may like to drown out the noise by infusing some of your own. Perhaps you think nothing of putting ear buds in and then turning your music on, but this brings with it a very serious side effect. Every time you blast music like this, you are channeling an incredible amount of sound directly into your inner ear. It has no place to diffuse, so all that energy has no choice but to crash against your eardrum and cause significant damage over time.

Not Visiting Your Doctor

If you’re like many, you may take a rather relaxed approach to your health unless you get sick or there’s an emergency. However, if you attend regular appointments with your doctor, she will be able to track any changes in your hearing, as well as adequately determine your hearing risk. You should also be able to gain insight as to how to improve your lifestyle and cut down your risk of hearing loss.