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Although a cause and effect relationship has not yet been found, there is a definite correlation to both diabetes and hearing loss. The American Diabetes Association enlightens us with information that shows that these two conditions are two of the highest health epidemics in America. Come with us as we discuss the linkage between these two conditions by recent studies done globally. You may like to know that 30 million people have diabetes in this county, along with 34.5 million people who have hearing loss. A coincidence? We think not. Many of these are the same people, suffering from both conditions. With these conditions proven to be related due to interesting studies done this past year, the next question is why? This is unknown as of now. People have double the chance of incurring hearing loss if they suffer from diabetes over those who do not have this disease. Performed on 20,000 people living in the United States, Asia, Brazil and Australia, these studies are very telling.

Correlation Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Triggers for hearing impairment instead of the actual diabetes can include the medications and diuretics diabetics take to keep their blood pressure down. However, this has not been proven or disproven yet. With old age and extremely loud noises not being accountable for the link, what then can be to blame? This is where further research must come in. The evidence could involve the fact that high blood glucose levels tends to damage the small blood vessels in the inner ear, leading to hearing impairment. Some people theorize that hearing loss could be curbed if diabetics controlled their blood sugar levels better to slash the risk of hearing impairment. Again, these elements all need to be proven.

Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Muffled sounds and mumbling can happen in your everyday life when you have a hearing problem. This is a frustrating condition but it’s not one you have to live with. This is when you know you have to get your hearing checked, along with signs like the need to always say “what?” or “please repeat yourself”? When you have trouble keeping track of conversations, can’t pick up on the voices of small children or women, or put the volume on the TV or radio up high, get a full exam by audiologist, especially if you’re a diabetic. Instead of alienating yourself from social situations and outing yourself and others at risk when driving a car, for instance, get treated. This will also help give researchers invaluable information as to what the link is between diabetes and hearing loss.

Testing for Diabetes

Depression and dementia, in addition to hearing loss, can result from diabetic patients who don’t take care of themselves. Yes, it’s another test to worry about but it will give researchers the answers they need to further examine the relationship between diabetes and hearing problems. While diabetes is a culprit in many related health problems, doctors tend not to routinely test hearing as part of a regular checkup.