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Congratulations are in order on your new hearing loop purchase and getting started on the road to a more enjoyable hearing experience for your household. While it may have been a challenge to choose the ideal system from among all the great options out there, it should be much easier for you to install your hearing loop once you get it home and unpack it. If you’re able to carry out a few simple, step-by-step directions, you won’t need a specialist to set up the system.

Before you begin. Hearing loops have four major parts – the sound source (your television or telephone), the amplifier, the wire loop and your hearing aid or sound receiver. Be sure you have all the equipment and tools you will need to put in the device. Depending on your specific hearing loop, some additional tools would be nice to keep on hand, for instance a screwdriver or a stapler.

The work involved. The first step is to find a place for your amplifier near your television –either sitting on a shelf or attaching it to a cabinet with the tape or fasteners provided. Next, plug in the power cable of the adapter into an outlet and the free cable into the audio output jack your TV. The last is to place the wire loop along either the edge of the ceiling or floor and secure with staples or tacks.

Presto. You are done. The last thing still left to do is adjust the volume settings using the manufacturer’s instructions. The volume controls differ by system and can be located on the amplifier or a separate control pad.

Safety tip. Never position any electronic equipment in or around water, or in places where moisture may gather. Always use a dry, clean cloth to clean the components of your new hearing loop system. Additionally, keep the device away from sources of heat, such as a fireplace, stove or heater. To avoid overheating your device, place it in a space that allows adequate air flow not inside a closed cabinet.