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A brand new method to watch the latest movies is here. People who have no hearing loss issues assume that anyone can just head to the theater to watch the latest flick, but that’s not the case for deaf people, who must wait a long time until subtitled versions of their favorite movies come out. Thanks to new closed-captioning glasses, available at select movie theaters right now and throughout the summer, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy films together – an especially critical element for families where not everyone is hearing impaired but they all want to enjoy a film as a unit. Check out what this new technology entails and where it’s available.

Holographic Design

Made possible by holographic technology, these state of the art glasses provide users with a bright, crystal clear and easy-to-read way of enjoying movies through subtitles that seem to float in the air. Those images and captions are transmitted via a media server sent wirelessly to a receiver, with a design that’s comfortable for anyone, regardless of shape or size. These glasses resemble a slightly oversized version of technology-savvy glasses, fitting right over your existing lenses with ease.

Screens Across America

With more than 6,000 screens expected to feature this new product across the United States by end of summer, the glasses are certainly causing a buzz in the industry. Although the testing portion of the plan is still underway, more theaters could be added to the roster depending on the level of interest for this new technology. It depends on how well it lures hearing impaired people to the theaters, but the future looks bright.

A Concept Come to Fruition

Many years ago, Randy Smith first had the idea for glasses that would allow anyone with a hearing impairment to view real-time captions with ease at the theater. He created the concept for closed-caption glasses and now they’re the result of a partnership between Sony and Regal Cinemas. After many years of brainstorming, this technology is finally here in the form of Sony Entertainment Access Glasses, now available on a trial basis at 6,000 screens.

Operation Basics

Access Glasses are the first of their kind in terms of ground breaking advantages to those who suffer from hearing loss. You’ll now be able to check out the latest movies with easy-to-read captions with no extra effort on your part. In fact, configurations can be adapted by each user in regards to brightness, which gives them an optimal viewing experience of captions that are bright and clear. No straining of the eyes occurs toward the end of the movie, either. Try sitting in the middle of the theater for the best vantage point.

The way it works is quite simple yet complex, involving sensors on either side of the lenses that are able to detect subtitles through a data transmitter. The words then display clearly in front of you, seemingly in the air about 10 feet ahead. Want a more comfortable way to enjoy the entire movie experience? Access Glasses are your answer.