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Just because it’s cheaper and more convenient to walk into any Costco or Walmart and get ear care doesn’t mean you should do it. Instead, remember that audiologists have the expertise you need. It’s worth it to schedule a one-on-one appointment with this type of doctor who can take the time to examine your ears and find out what the origin of your hearing impairment is. Don’t believe there’s ever a substitute for quality hearing health care, especially since so many big box stores are tapping into the “fast-food” mentalities Americans have in regards to ear care. Sure, it looks pretty convenient to get your ears checked after doing your weekly bulk grocery shopping but there are many valid reasons why you should restrain yourself and see an audiologist instead. Compromising quality for low cost can be detrimental to your health.

Professional Value

When you run a thorough comparison of service between audiologists and big box stores, you’ll find there’s a pretty big discrepancy in care. Professionalism at a big box store isn’t quite what it is at the audiologist, especially since those stores don’t offer much past the initial sale and service. With an audiologist, you get the ongoing care you deserve from someone who is trained in the ear and all its related systems. Having a doctor who knows your ears means you get someone who can track your hearing progress through patient evaluations and fittings. Audiologists can go in-depth as to why your hearing impairment happened rather than automatically fit you with a hearing device.

Price Tag

Examining cost when visiting an audiologist, you may assume you’re shelling out more than at a big box store. But that’s not always true. Your health insurance likely covers a big portion of the cost, making the cost difference negligible. Plus, services from an audiologist provide access to long-lasting quality of your hearing devices so you don’t experience problems as soon as you get home, which is what often happens at places like Costco. Leave the low-quality, affordable clothing and flat screens to Walmart and go elsewhere for your ear care. You don’t want to be sold something you don’t need, which is very likely at these stores because the employees are sales people at heart.

Question of Quality

Do you really know what you’re getting in terms of ear care products at big box stores? You don’t, and nowhere is this more evident than in hearing aid devices. They may turn out to emit interference or dull sound after you get home because they’re not superior quality like you will get at the doctor’s office. But it’s too late once you figure it out. Get evaluated completely at the audiologist to find out why your hearing impairment is occurring and what can be done about it for your unique situation. When you gain access to specialty care, you know you’re getting in-depth experience in terms of your ears plus the best products on the market.