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Even though it might seem to be a straightforward question to ask how long hearing aid batteries will last, it isn’t. Precisely how long hearing aid batteries last depends upon numerous variables. Battery life will depend on the model of your hearing aid, and may vary widely across different models developed by the exact same manufacturer. How you use your hearing aid will also influence battery life; the more hours a day yours is switched on, the more rapidly you will use up batteries.

Additionally, there are differences in battery life across battery manufacturers, and the exact same manufacturer may have different lines of batteries, some which last longer than others. Battery type is another key factor in longevity. For example, zinc-air batteries will begin to burn stored energy the instant you remove the tab on the bottom and will continue losing charge even if the hearing aid is turned off while other battery types will only drain when they are inside a hearing aid that is turned on.

Because the expense of batteries adds up, if you’re looking for a new hearing aid, you should do some research to see which types and models of hearing aids are known for the best battery life, because that may influence your choice. The same research suggestion is true if you have an existing hearing aid and are searching for the batteries with the best performance for it; you can find out a great deal from consumer ratings and comparative reports.

Hearing aid manufacturers have worked to make things less confusing by standardizing their sizes and using unique color codes for each size which is the same for every manufacturer. The times listed below for each battery size are approximations, but can give you a basic idea of how long batteries of each size should last given normal use:

  • 80 hours – Yellow – Size 10
  • 175 hours – Brown – Size 312
  • 240 hours – Orange – Size 13
  • 300 hours – Blue – Size 675

To ensure the longest life for your hearing aid batteries when they’re in the hearing aid, turn the device off when you are not using it. And to ensure batteries you’ve already purchased but have not used yet stay fresh and retain their power as long as possible, store them indoors in their original unopened packages, and at room temperature.