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Even though the battery performance for hearing aids might sound like a straightforward question to answer, it actually hinges on a variety of factors. Just how long a battery lasts depends on which company manufactured it, and will vary across models from the exact same manufacturer. The actual life span of a hearing aid battery also depends upon the amount of time each day that the hearing aid is on. As you would expect, the more you use your hearing aid, the more rapidly the batteries will be depleted.

In addition, there are differences in battery life between battery manufacturers, and the same manufacturer may have different lines of batteries, some that are supposed to last longer than others. Battery life also depends on battery type; for example some varieties are only discharging power when they are inside a hearing aid that is turned on, and other types (for example, zinc-air batteries) start burning power as soon as you take away the adhesive strip on the bottom of the battery and they are in contact with oxygen, whether the hearing aid is on or not.

If you are looking for a new hearing aid, you may want to do some research in advance to see which have the best ratings for battery life, because that may influence your choice of which type or which model of hearing aid to purchase. If you have an existing hearing aid and are looking for the longest lasting batteries for it, the Internet can be a great source of comparative ratings and reports.

Luckily, when shopping for hearing aid batteries, the companies that manufacturer them have made things a little simpler for you by standardizing their sizes and color-coding each size; the identical color codes are used by all hearing aid battery manufacturers. The hours listed below for each size are estimates, but will give you a basic idea of how long hearing aid batteries of each size ought to last given normal use:

  • 80 hours – Size 10 – Yellow
  • 175 hours – Size 312- Brown
  • 240 hours – Size 13 – Orange
  • 300 hours – Size 675 – Blue


Remember to turn your hearing aid off when you aren’t wearing it for the longest battery life. Store your unused batteries at room temperature, indoors, and in their original, unopened packaging to ensure their longest possible life.