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You may enjoy your job because it gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you can’t get anywhere else. There are some jobs that, in addition to a positive working atmosphere, carry a high potential for incurring damage to your health. And we’re not talking about your physical overall health, although that is important — we’re talking about your hearing health. There are many industries with an inherent danger in regards to the opportunity to incur hearing  loss, contributing to a higher number of workplace injuries in this regard. Look below at some of the noisiest jobs around so you know how to take the proper precautions.


Mining is a vitally important occupation to have. Not only do miners work very hard to achieve the unearthing of raw materials needed for everyday functions, but they also put their hearing health at risk whenever they head to work. This is because they often work under the roar of heavy equipment within tiny spaces, causing an adverse reaction to their hearing. This line of work, thus, produces many people who suffer from hearing loss.

Working in a Club

As a patron of a club on occasion, you may not realize that those who work in nightclubs are not having as much of a good time as you are, what with the people screaming and the pulse-pumping music. While enjoyable for you on Friday nights, individuals working in this environment often end up with hearing loss, especially when it comes to DJs, security, bartenders and servers.


Featuring an extremely loud  environment to work in is the military, inherently containing elements that span from construction to the sounds of high explosives each day. There are  several ways in which soldiers and other employees can suffer hearing damage while serving in the armed forces. Frequent training with weapons, tanks and heavy machinery can turn this job into a perilous one in terms of hearing loss, especially acoustic trauma.

Ground Workers at Airports

When it comes to the noisiest job in the world, that of ground workers at airports may very well be one of the worst. Workers work under repeated exposure to the ear-splitting sounds of full-sized jets dominating the runway where they are subjected to almost double the amount of decibels that are known to bring on hearing loss. The potential for hearing loss goes up dramatically in environments such as commercial and military plane services.


Farming, requiring daily use of machines that typically exceed the 85 decibels necessary for hearing loss, can be a rewarding job in more ways than one. For one thing, farmers work the land and make their own living. For another, they grow crops with their own hands that feed people the world over. Unfortunately, this type of job brings with it the very real possibility of hearing damage.

General Construction

There’s no escape from the insistent hammering, sawing, drilling and banging that is a natural part of any job site. That’s why so many contractors fall victim to hearing loss, particularly acute noise trauma. This is why many don some type of noise dampening headphones while on the job.