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For those who have kids that are over a certain age, they probably own one or more of the following – gaming systems, music players and computers – possibly even all three of them. If you responded yes, odds are, at some point they will ask for headphones to use with these products. No big surprise there. On balance, headphones often provide a superior experience when used in combination with assorted entertainment and learning multimedia. Since the question is predictable, here are some tips for moms and dads about what to consider when you shop.

Good fit is the first thing to think about.The majority of headphones are designed for full-sized adult heads. They don’t fit properly on a child’s smaller head. In cases where headphones are too big, children will often be adjusting them constantly, which can result in damage. Many kid’s headphones include flexible headbands that make the first fitting easier, and which permit refitting as the youngster grows up.

The most crucial feature you need to look for is that the headphones are equipped with some type of Sound Limiting Technology. Kids will want to crank the sound up as high as they possibly can, to a volume that can quickly damage their ears and cause permanent hearing loss. Shopping for headphones that have a volume limits built in – somewhere around 80 to 85 decibels – is the most effective way to combat this tendency. This suggestion is just as true for “ear buds” which are inserted into the ears as it is for headphones which fit over the ears.

One more thing to keep in mind is durability and sturdiness, because children are hard on fragile products, and some headphones can be very fragile . Parenting magazines or consumer guides that contain product comparisons are a great place to learn more about the durability of different headphone options. At times you’ll need to give up a little durability to get a lighter weight option. Certain headphones are simply too heavy for kids’ heads regardless of how many other wonderful features they have.

No matter which brand of headphones you choose, try to limit your kids’ use of them to just a couple hours a day. Being deluged by sound all day long, even if the headphones restrict the volume level, can still create subtle damage to youngster’s sensitive ears.