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I just bought this new hearing aid and, It whistles

Is your hearing aid making a whistling sound? Hearing aid whistling is also known as “feedback.” Feedback is a normal acoustical phenomenon. However, it can and must be managed in order for a person to be able to benefit from hearing aids. Feedback occurs when the amplified sound produced by the hearing aid leaks out of the ear and then is re-amplified.

This results in a high pitched whistle that is not only annoying to the user, but also to those around him. Feedback usually occurs as a result of too much sound leaking out of the ear canal. This leaking out of the ear canal can be resolved in a couple of ways.

First, newer hearing aids have algorithms, or built-in software, to target feedback and eliminate it by using a technology called sound wave inversion. The second common way to reduce feedback is to create less open space in the ear canal for sound to leak out. So, don’t give up on your hearing aids due to feedback…just visit your hearing professional for some quick and easy adjustments. Don’t put off something so easily fixed. Get back to your life and your piece of mind, by getting rid of that whistling.

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