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Have you ever wondered if the foods you consume on a daily basis can have an effect on your hearing? You may be surprised to find the answer is yes, and many super foods have been proven by nutritionists to help prevent hearing loss – an unfortunate yet natural part of aging. Contributing to hearing health are foods like salmon, dark chocolate and broccoli. Eat lots of them as you emerge into your senior years to curb the hearing loss that may occur. Do what you can to improve your chances of retaining your hearing ability over the years. Let’s explore the following foods known for their ear-healthy effects as we let you in on the secrets of the best foods to eat.

Dark Chocolate Delicacy

Don’t you dare feel guilty for indulging in dark chocolate! In fact, you’re even doing a service to your ears when you eat chocolate. That’s because of the large amount of zinc and other beneficial antioxidants present in dark chocolate that help with hearing loss prevention. Daily supplements can also give you with the zinc you need, but don’t you think eating chocolate is tastier?

Serious About Citrus

Do you instinctively reach for citrus fruit when you have a cold? You’re right to do so, as oranges and lemons contain high amounts of vitamins C and E. These are ideal for boosting your body’s immune system so it functions better. You can also safeguard yourself against ear infections when you eat lots of citrus because chronic damage can occur in ears that have suffered untreated ear infections.

Simply Salmon

Salmon is good for you plus it tastes delicious. You’re probably aware by now of all the health effects of fish such as salmon, but evidence also illustrates that the omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for your overall health are also well matched for your ears. Improved blood flow is a natural side effect of these essential fatty acids, which encourage blood flow through the whole body but also the ears. This results in optimum ear health.

Bevy of Bananas

Don’t be shy – put slices of bananas on your morning cereal or throw them in the blender for a smoothie. You can never have enough bananas, because they contain a lot of magnesium which is vital in the continuing fight against hearing loss. Look to magnesium to ward off the effects of long-term damage in your ears from loud sounds incurred over a life time.

The Best of Veggies: Broccoli

The award for the best vegetable for hearing loss prevention goes to broccoli! How so? Well, broccoli certainly provides important building blocks in your health, as all fresh veggies tend to do, but this green powerhouse also contains an especially large amount of free radical-fighting vitamins that stop tissue damage in the ear. You’ll even experience a bonus side effect, which is  healthier and shinier hair and skin.