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Generally, if you have your ears cleaned due to wax buildup in the ear canal, your ears will be cleaned one of two ways.

1. Your ears will be flushed with a steady stream of water or saline. This reduces the tackiness of the wax in the ear canal and it slips right out into the emesis basin your specialist will hold under the exterior of your ear. It will feel very cold, and to some, ticklish. It’s pain free, non-invasive and won’t damage any part of the inner ear.

2. Either your audiologist or general physician will perform this service. A solution that balls the wax up will be introduced to your ear as you lay on your side. This might take a few minutes or be a regular prescription done at home and then an appointment is made with your doctor to come in and have the balled up wax gently tweezed or flushed out.

Under NO circumstances should you clean the interior canal of your own ears! This is something best left to the professionals to avoid injury and damage to the eardrum. The exterior of your ear can be washed and cleaned carefully with a rag, soap, and Q-tip every other day or as needed. Your doctor can show you the proper way to do this, if you are not certain as to how it’s done.

If you’re prone to wax buildup and wear hearing aids, this is a process that needs to be done quite frequently to keep your hearing devices working their best without any natural interference. Consult with your hearing aid provider if you feel that ear wax is definitely a problem for you and he/she should be able to refer you to the right doctor.

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